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About Cyprus

Cyprus is an island of legends that basks year-round in the light of the warm Mediterranean sun. It has a 10,000 year history that has seen civilizations come and go and everyone wanted claim a stake in such a beautiful, rich and strategic island. According to legend, the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite was born on the island, and travelers throughout ancient times came here just to pay her homage.

Cyprus survived centuries of invasions (including, by the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Venetians, Ottomans and the British).The independent Republic of Cyprus came into being in August 1960. Its first President was Archbishop Makarios. Over the first three years of independence relations between the Greek and Turkish Cypriots deteriorated, mainly as a result of flaws in the constitution which gave disproportional rights to the Turkish Cypriot community including the right to block the passing of laws. In 1963 inter-communal violence broke out and the problem continued for many years until 15 July, 1974 when the Junta ruling Athens at the time organized a coup to overthrow Archbishop Makarios. A week later Turkey invaded the island, claiming this was to restore constitutional order. Turkey didn’t withdraw its forces and formed the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in 1983(a state recognized by no country other than Turkey). It is hoped that this problem will be solved when Cyprus will become a member of the European Union on May 1st, 2004, and with the noble efforts made by the United Nations to restore peace on the island.

Today Cyprus is a modern, westernized country, with a flourishing economy that thrives on the tourism industry. More than 3 million tourists visit Cyprus each year.

Here take advantage of the sunny weather, fabulous beaches, Fabulous hotels with state of the art conference facilities, great prices at the various international shops, and above all, the hospitality of its inhabitants. Cyprus is a great place to live in and visit.

Ayia Napa Larnaca Latsi Limassol Nicosia Protaras Paphos
Larnaca 41
Latsi 220 177
Limassol 107 70 108
Nicosia 86 51 188 80
Protaras 7 48 227 114 93
Paphos 184 142 37 72 152 191
Troodos 163 121 160 51 80 123 123

(All distances are in km)

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